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The main event for this NY visit was seeing Swan Lake at the Lincoln Center for Performing Arts, but visits to National Parks around New York rounded out the weekend trip. Though it was not planned, the Swan Lake tickets that best fit our schedule happened to fall on Valentine’s Day weekend!

And yes, this blog post is being written in April even though all this happened in February. It’s fine.

Day 3: Last Minute Visits + Traveling Home

This trip was fun and we indulged in so much food, but it felt like it was over so quickly! I’m already wanting to go back and explore more places…and also be able to walk around without a jacket! The week before we arrived, the weather was warm and gorgeous but then the weekend arrived and the weather got cold.

We had a quick hotel breakfast, though nothing big because we always woke up too late to enjoy the full spread! After breakfast and check-out, we got on the subway and headed over to Stonewall National Monument!

Stonewall National Monument - Visiting New York National Parks | Sincerely Yasmin

The park is kind of small but the area was really nice to be in! I definitely want to visit again when the plants are thriving. Since we visited in the winter, everything was pretty dead.

But the statues?! In the park?! They were beautiful! I was absolutely shocked at the level of detail! Like you could really see the details of the clothes, the folds, and even their skin. You could really feel the love through the details. It also looks like someone left a rose in the hands of the women; it definitely was not part of the art installation, but it was such a nice addition.

White Statues from Stonewall National Monument - Visiting New York National Parks | Sincerely Yasmin

Right next to the Stonewall National Monument is…the Stonewall Inn! It wasn’t open at the time we visited so we only saw the outside.

Stonewall Inn - Visiting New York National Parks | Sincerely Yasmin

After visiting Stonewall and grabbing snacks at CVS (for me), we were counting down to when we needed to show up at the train station.

Thankfully, we had *just* enough time to run over to Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace National Historic Site! There was a second floor (maybe more?) but we just did not have time to wait for the tour. We’ll definitely have to come back for that part of the tour but, in the meantime, we walked through the public area and enjoyed the architecture of the place. There were lots of *highly* relevant quotes to our current political atmosphere but you are welcome to check them out yourself!

Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace National Historic Site - Visiting New York National Parks | Sincerely Yasmin

After getting some pictures at Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace National Historic Site, we were running out of time!

So, of course, I had to ask for some breakfast food. Kyle found a great little café on our way to the train, so we had a classic NY eggncheese sandwich. Pretty sure there was also bacon but I don’t remember now…

Yasmin with New York eggncheese sandwich | Sincerely Yasmin

Then we ran to the station and caught our train back to DC!

Three days is obviously not enough for a NY visit…so share suggestions for future visits in the comments below!


P.S. I’m so glad we were able to fit all of our stuff in just two backpacks(!) because it made moving around NY just that much easier.

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