5 Amazing Skincare Products for Dry Winter Skin

The most significant difference in moving from North Carolina to Maine has to be the weather. North Carolina does not have the same weather extremes that Maine has. In Maine, there are snow piles so much taller than me, which isn’t hard to do, but there are piles everywhere. And all that cold and dry air affected my skin more than I expected! Here are some amazing skincare products for dry winter skin.

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When I moved from NC to Maine, I think I brought maybe two bottles of lotion, and those bottles weren’t even full size! I went through them so quickly and then didn’t feel like the need to really restock…until my face was in pain, itchy, and with flaking dry skin.

Granted, the pain wasn’t excruciating but, with all the dry air, you can feel your skin cracking from the dry and cold air. After almost a week of putting up this, I finally caved and went to the store. Here are some of the products that I got and what helped me the most with the rough, dry, and even itchy skin during the winter season!

Body Lotions for Dry Winter Skin

I hadn’t really thought about what skincare ingredients or type of lotion I was looking for, except that I vaguely remembered that shea butter was good for you, so I ended up grabbing a Nivea lotion that had shea butter in it. Surprisingly, it has been really, really good with hydration (I feel really silly writing that but IT’S TRUE). My skin immediately became so much more bearable during the winter months, and I had to accept the idea that I would have to apply lotion much more often than I was used to in North Carolina, especially after those hot showers.

Nivea Shea Daily Moisture Lotion

This is one of the top skincare products for dry winter skin. It does a great job of hydrating your skin without the greasy feeling.

Jergens Ultra Healing Moisturizer Lotion

This is another great skincare product for dry winter skin. It’s a thick lotion to apply and takes a while to rub in and absorb but it feels great after it’s been applied!

Face Creams and Skincare Products for Dry Winter Skin

After a few days of feeling so proud of myself for taking care of my skin and being so proud of pampering myself, my face starts flaking. Because that’s exactly what I need!  So I immediately started doing a charcoal mask and followed up with some lotion for a few days. And nothing is working!

Interestingly, I was listening to the news one day and they mentioned how the air in Augusta, Maine, had been really dry for the past few days, and things made sense. It was just an aha moment, realizing that my face had been really affected by this dry air and that it was really just needing some extra hydration.

Neutrogena HydroBoost Cream Lotion | Skincare Products for Dry Winter Skin

So I went on a Target trip… because that’s the appropriate response.

And I am so glad I did. I’d previously read about face creams but I (naively) thought I would never need them since I had oily skin. I was so wrong.

I ended up spending almost an hour in the skincare section, looking through ingredients and effects, and comparing items. I walked out with a face cream and a gel mask, and it has been such a skincare routine change FOR THE BETTER.

The following skincare products are ones I have made a part of my own skincare product essentials for dry winter skin, especially for the face. I will definitely be making sure I have these every winter season!

After the Target trip, I immediately used that gel mask before going to bed. Sidenote: I ended up only using half of the little tub for one application. It felt so weird because it is a gel mask; even though some of it does get absorbed into your skin, most of it stays on top of your skin and you do have the feeling of this gel mask being on your face.

It’s definitely not as hard as a normal mask that dries (duh, gel mask) but it still does feel a bit restricting. The next morning, taking the gel mask off was the worst feeling! It feels so slimy! But the payoff was worth it because my face felt so good and hydrated.

Neutrogena Hyaluronic Moisturizer

Garnier Face Moisturizer

Jergen’s Ultra Healing Moisturizer

*the gel mask is not available on Amazon but check out the Neutrogena website.

After the mask, I finished off with the face cream, and I realized why people use face creams. I felt so silly for waiting this long to add one to my winter skincare routine. Why has it taken me so long to use a face cream? Putting on some cream after washing my face feels heavenly and so hydrating.

I also came across and grabbed a small bottle of another lotion, one of the bottles that I had actually brought from North Carolina. I had used the bottle on my face and it actually kept my face flake-free for a while, but once I finished the bottle, I never bought it again and my skin had gone downhill again. When I stopped by the store, I picked up a small bottle of this lotion as an “emergency” lotion. The crème is on the thicker side and is super hydrating, especially when you use it overnight.

Besides all these amazing skincare products for dry winter skin, it’s also important to keep your body hydrated! Make sure you’re drinking lots of water throughout the day as well!

After realizing that winter weather and dry air were heavily affecting my skin, especially my face, I finally caved and got the appropriate tools to deal with the effects: hydrating skincare lotions.

The Neutrogena gel mask is essential if you want something that will instantly hydrate your face if your skin is really really dry. The face cream can easily be added to a skincare routine in the morning and before bed. It’s an inexpensive face cream that can also be used as a face mask! The thicker cream lotion is helpful for targeting any extremely flaky or cracked areas, especially after you’ve been outside longer than usual or the air has been drier than usual.

Seasonal changes can have a strong effect on your skin, so make sure you’re ready for winter dryness with these amazing skincare products.

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