Weekend Trip Activities & Restaurants in Cape May, NJ

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I was so excited to take my first solo trip in June 2021!

It was a very last-minute trip to Cape May, NJ. Well, kind of, considering I still bought tickets and got a hotel like two weeks before the actual trip. But I definitely did not spend a lot of time putting together this trip and it was still so much fun!

I woke up early on Thursday morning to start the trip. Before I got to the Cape May-Lewes Ferry Terminal, I was sooo excited when I saw a public library on my drive so, of course, I had to stop and take a picture! I’m a children’s librarian so I love stopping at other libraries, and it’s become a personal project to stop and visit as many local libraries as I can!

The drive was super hot and I was drinking so much water that it was perfect timing to find the public library for a short bathroom break, lol. I walked around the library and it was so cute. The teen room was very nicely decorated with games and books. The children’s section was so much smaller than I’m used to but, dang, their shelves looked so nice because they were all perfectly three-quarters full.

I redid my sunscreen and then got back in the car to keep driving to the Cape May-Lewes Ferry Terminal. Once I got to the terminal, it was super quick and easy to get through and I just chilled for about 45 minutes until they started getting us into the terminal!

Cape May-Lewes Ferry

I loved being able to use the Cape May-Lewes Ferry! Since I was traveling from Washington, D.C., I had the option to stay on land the whole entire trip…but it would’ve added an extra hour. Taking the ferry cut my trip down and kept me on a schedule since I had to arrive to the ferry by a certain time (yay for accountability)! It was so easy to reserve a spot online and then I printed off my ticket to have ready for my trip.

Find more information about the ferry at www.cmlf.com.

Hotel Macomber

I felt so lucky to get this hotel because it was literally across the street from the beach, it had a perfect breakfast spot, and a great dinner restaurant! All in one building!

The room was super comfortable. It had a small fridge and a TV with Roku. The only odd thing was that the room did not have A/C, just a heater. During the few days I was there, the weather was pretty cool so I would just open the window when I needed the room to cool down and just kept the heat off.

My favorite part of the hotel was that they had a bookcase full of “take what you need” books and it was right in front of my room. The perfection!

The thing that I DID NOT enjoy were the sheer curtains on the only window in the room. As someone who likes to sleep in, I really should’ve brought an eye mask *insert crying face here*. I ended up waking up super early every day and it was both great and terrible. It woke me up early so I was able to do more fun activities but I was definitely tired after a few late nights.

Hotel Macomber Room | Sincerely Yasmin

Restaurants to Visit

Union Park Dining Room

This restaurant is actually located in the same building as Hotel Macomber. The lobby is actually part restaurant and part hotel check-in! The main dining area is towards the back of the hotel but there’s also a side dining area with a whole wall of windows.

This was my birthday dinner and it was absolutely delicious! Union Park Dining Room does a prix-fixe dinner with several options for each course. Every course was absolutely mouth-watering and it was such a great experience. The best part is that you can bring in your own bottle of wine or you can pick one from their menu, which has wines from a local winery.

Cape May - Union Park Dining Room
Cape May - Union Park Dining Room

The Merion Inn

First dinner of the trip was at The Merion Inn. They have live entertainment for inside dinner reservations but I opted for outdoor seating since the night was so nice. The outdoor environment was so nicely decorated and softly lit!

Their food was absolutely delicious and I already want to go back to try new dishes! For a starter, I got the Chef’s Soup of the Day and it was so yummy! For the entrée, I got the Pan-seared Cape May Scallops with Bacon-Caramel Sauce, which was absolutely mouth-watering. The mustard vinaigrette absolutely made the dish for me. For my side, I got the Merion potato cup and it was definitely the perfect choice for me. It was buttery and fluffy and everything I wanted.

Cape May - The Merion Inn
Cape May - The Merion Inn

Madison’s Bakery

Madison’s Bakery is an absolute necessary visit for a small breakfast. They have some amazing pastry and coffee options for one or a whole family. I absolutely loved their chocolate croissant. They also provide milk alternatives for coffee drinks.

Find their locations on their website: www.madisonsbakerynj.com.

CapeMay - Madison'sBakery
Cape May - Madison's Bakery

Places to Visit in Cape May, NJ

World War II Lookout Tower

I hope you’ve been working out on a

World War II Tower - Uniform
World War II - Staircase
Cape May - World War II Tower Beach View

Walking around Cape May

While there’s so many places to visit in Cape May, it’s just as relaxing to walk the streets since there’s so many beautiful houses and unique buildings. Depending on when you visit, there’s also so many beautiful flowers around the area.

Naval Air Station Wildwood Aviation Museum

I am a big museum lover and this was definitely one of my more favorite visits. The Aviation Museum had so many interesting exhibits and displays and I really wish I had arrived earlier than I did. There were sooo many planes, cars, helicopters, etc. to walk around and explore. It was also very funny to walk around during my visit because they had decorated for the local high school’s prom night. For example, below, you can see white balloons dotting the entrance of the museum, and the photo below that has all the tables laid out.

Cape May - Aviation Museum | Sincerely Yasmin
Cape May - Aviation Museum | Sincerely Yasmin
Cape May - Aviation Museum
Cape May - Aviation Museum | Sincerely Yasmin

The Aviation Museum was really interesting to visit and I highly recommend adding it your list of visits! The entrance fee is about $15 for an adult, and I would highly recommend setting aside at least one hour for the visit.

Learn more and plan your visit by visiting their website: usnasw.org/visit.

Things I didn’t get to do but wanted to

As I said, this was a last-minute planned weekend trip and, while I enjoyed many of the things I did, there were also many other things I wanted to visit and do that I just didn’t get the chance to do. Here’s the list of things I wish I could’ve done (or, more likely, will be doing in a future Cape May visit).

Cape May Brewing Co.

This is actually right next to the Aviation Museum, so definitely recommend pairing those up when you are visiting. That was actually my plan but the Aviation Museum was so good that I stayed right up until the last minute before I needed to leave for the Ferry!

Part of the reason I wanted to visit was to try the different beers (obviously) but also to see their different environments. Cape May Brewing Co. has a tasting room, beer garden, and brewtanical garden so there’s definitely some fun options to explore while trying out different beers and seltzers.

Learn more about the Cape May Brewing Co. at their website: www.capemaybrewery.com.

Harriet Tubman Museum

This is actually a newer Cape May addition that I didn’t catch in time for my visit. According to their website, this museum opened in 2020. There doesn’t seem to be too much information yet, but it would definitely be an interesting visit to learn more about Harriet Tubman.

Visit their website to learn more: www.harriettubmanmuseum.org.

My weekend trip in Cape May was so much fun and I hope this list was helpful in planning your own trip to Cape May, NJ! If you’re interested in travel, then checkout these other travel blog posts!

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