Short Weekend Trip to the Mountains of Asheville, NC

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This past weekend, I participated in a very adult-feeling event: a wedding. No worries because it was not mine; it was the wedding of a friend. It was pretty exciting because I had the opportunity to be a bridesmaid. The best thing was that this wedding gave my family and I the opportunity to make it into a mountain trip around Asheville, NC. So, of course, we had to extend our stay and explore the surrounding area!

Here are some highlights from our weekend trip to the mountains of Asheville, NC.

Blowing Rock

During our mountain trip around Asheville, there was a lot of walking and gawking at the gorgeousness of nature around us. Seeing all the mountains and green foliage was amazing. We took a few pictures on the rocks at Blowing Rock and that was a little scary to do because it was not the most stable and secure position.

Wooden Sign saying Welcome to Blowing Rock | Sincerely Yasmin
Blowing Rock Walkway with Yamila posing in the middle
Blowing Rock Walkway with Yasmin posing in the middle
Closeup picture of Yamila with the mountains in the background
Closup picture of a viewfinder with the mountains of Asheville in the background
Yamila looking out in the mountains of Asheville, NC
Landscape picture of the mountains in Asheville, NC

Native American Artifacts Museum, Mystery Hill, NC

This was so cool to walk around. One of the best stops from our weekend trip to the mountains. I don’t really know much about arrowheads and I could only really recall simple facts about the lives of Native Americans but seeing all the arrowheads was eye-opening. I could see all the little variations in the arrowheads and other stone tools.

Native American Artifacts Museum, Mystery Hill near Asheville, NC

Linville Caverns

Man, this was such a cool experience. No, literally; it was pretty cold. We got to experience total darkness so that was a really neat experience! I couldn’t see my hand, which I knew was right in front of my face.

The caverns are very wet and cold so I definitely recommend bringing a jacket and some good shoes.

Linville Caverns in Asheville, NC

Walking Around Asheville

We also walked around downtown Asheville and got to see some fun sculptures and buildings around town.

Sculpture in downtown Asheville, NC

We also grabbed dinner in downtown Asheville, NC. After all that walking and exploring, I was ready for some good food!

Hamburger and fries from a restaurant in downtown Asheville, NC

UNC-Asheville Botanical Gardens

We had such a great time walking through the Asheville Botanical Gardens. I ended up getting a children’s book from their little shop because it was just too cute! This was a great stop during our weekend trip to see all kinds of flowers and greenery.

It’s a pretty large area to walk through so if you’re into nature, this is definitely a must-visit. The little shop also has some great educational materials about plants and animals, which would be especially useful if you’re homeschooling or teaching new topics.

UNC Botanical Gardens in Asheville, NC
Stream of UNC Asheville Botanical Gardens

Sierra Nevada Brewery

I’d had the opportunity to tour the Sierra Nevada Brewery to learn about its sustainability efforts through a University-sponsored trip last year so, when I heard that we were going to be going by Asheville, I told my parents that we needed to swing by Sierra Nevada. I’m glad I was able to talk them into it because 1) they had a great time taking a tour and doing a tasting, and 2) I remember telling my stepdad that he needed to come by Sierra Nevada after my University trip so goal accomplished!

Sierra Nevada Brewery Glasses

Chimney Rock

So. Many. Steps. It was never-ending! However, the view was definitely worth it! I didn’t think I would be doing this much exercise during a weekend trip but I guess that’s what happens when you’re in the mountains!

Chimney Rock Plaque with view of mountains and river further below
Chimney Rock Valley - Asheville, NC

After all the walking and climbing steps and general exercise, everyone was hungry! We ate at a restaurant that had a view of Chimney Rock and we got to see where we had climbed while we ate. Those calories were well-earned, haha!

Hamburger and side salad eaten at a restaurant near Chimney Rock.

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