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Tired of reading the same picture book over and over and over and over?! Looking for a new picture book to add to your child’s collection? No worries, let’s get into today’s picture book review of “¡Vamos! Let’s Go Eat!” by Raúl the Third!

Picture Book Review

¡Vamos! Let's Go Eat - Picture Book Review | Sincerely Yasmin

Author: Raúl the Third
Illustrator: Elaine Bay

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Picture Book Summary & Review

Little Lobo is back! In the “¡Vamos! Let’s Go Eat!” picture book, Little Lobo has a new bike, and his friend Kooky has a message from El Toro. Little Lobo is needed to pick-up and make important deliveries before an event. Follow along as Little Lobo, and his friend Kooky, visit food trucks and food carts to make deliveries! Learn about food trucks, along with all kinds of foods, like el pastor, kimchi, burritos, aguas frescas, and so much more!

→ Any Picture Book extras?

There is a “Food Glossary” at the back of the “¡Vamos! Let’s Go Eat!” picture book. It is a long list of all the foods mentioned in the picture book. However, it is not the full list of all the Spanish words. As I mentioned before, the illustrations incorporate many Spanish words in the pictures. These words are not included in this “Food Glossary” so do as the book says and use a Spanish-English dictionary to look up the definitions of any words you don’t know!

About the Illustrations

I absolutely love the illustrations in “Let’s Go Eat”! You know the seek-and-find books? Although this book is not that style, it feels like it. The illustrations are that detailed! You could spend hours ignoring the actual text and “reading” the pictures. The illustration style also has a bit of that comic book / graphic novel feel with the way speech bubbles are used, and the way some of the illustrations are within a box.

Recommended Ages for this Picture Book


Colorful illustration might provide some great conversations, characters are fun to follow along through the story, length of story might be too long for short attention spans, picture walk might be a better experience


Colorful and super detailed illustrations, short text on each page but long story, story could be broken up into sections to read over a course of time, fun characters for child to follow along story

Early Elementary

Colorful illustrations can help keep attention, short text on each page but long story, explanation of food trucks and how they work, mention various kinds of food (like kimchi, el pastor, aguas frescas, elotes, churros, and more), practice cause-effect with where Little Lobo needs to go next

Late Elementary

Amusing scenes within illustrations to keep conversation going (like baby rabbit crying over lost balloon, with mama trying to get balloon maker’s attention), lots of additional stories and text within illustrations to keep an older child’s attention


This blog post was a picture book review of
“¡Vamos! Let’s Go Eat!” by Raúl the Third.

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