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10 Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

Love is in the air! Did you notice that everyone is wearing red, pink, or white in their outfits, décor, and so much more? If you haven’t, that’s okay; Valentine’s Day can easily sneak up on you! With New Year’s Day, January resolutions, and getting your life set up for the new year, shopping for Valentine’s Day might just slip by. If you’re running behind on shopping ideas, here are a few Valentine’s Day gifts for her!

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We’ve got Valentine’s Day gift ideas for the coffee-obsessed, the stylish woman, and the self-care queen. Let’s dive in!

Valentine’s Day Presents for the Coffee Obsessed

If you’re shopping for someone who is OBSESSED with their kitchen, maybe they’re testing out new recipes or hosting people over, then these are some fantastic Valentine’s Day gift ideas for them!

Ribbed Highball Glassware | Amazon

I know everyone has been loving those soda-can-shaped glasses since I’ve seen every other influencer holding them in their videos, but I’m much more of a highball glass kind of person. Lately, I’ve been super into ribbed glassware and I love these highball ribbed glasses. They’re perfect for a casual or fancy dinner!

Handheld Milk Frother | Amazon

If you’re looking for Valentine’s Day presents for a coffee lover, an at-home frother is a great idea! They’ll be able to make their favorite coffees at home and this frother set even comes with a few decorative elements. I got a frother as a gift from my sister and it’s been such a great way to make coffee even more fun at home!

At-Home Milk Frother | Bodum on Amazon

This is another frother that I love because it warms up the milk so well! It’s small and easy to clean, so it won’t take up precious cabinet space (especially in an apartment). I loved using it in the winter and with hot chocolate!

If you’re looking for a hot and cold milk frother, Keurig has a great one.

Themed Coaster Set | Amazon

My husband and I have gotten into vinyl records recently and these coasters are the absolute cutest! If you have someone who is into vintage items or vinyl records, then this could be such a great Valentine’s Day present!

Coasters come in so many shapes and designs that you could easily find a set that goes with a friend’s or significant other’s interest. For example, I came across an NES Cartridge coaster and a Game of Thrones coaster set.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for the Woman with Style

If you’re shopping for a fashionista, it can get stressful, fast. No worries, though, here are some fashionable items that she’ll be glad to add to her closet.

The Work Bag | Beis

If you’re gifting a corporate girlie or working girl, then this is THE work bag to get. It comes with enough space to hold a laptop, notebook, daily girl necessities, a water bottle, and more, and a DETACHABLE clutch bag! This bag truly screams “designed by a woman” and it has some amazing details, like a key ring and trolley pass-through. It’s my favorite bag for work and travel and it has raving reviews on just about every website.

Watch Band | Anthropologie

If there’s a chance to match your accessories to your outfit, why wouldn’t you take it?

For the person who’s constantly wearing their Apple Watch, get them this fashionable and adjustable watch band! It comes in several colors and patterns so you can match it to their personality (or closet colors)!

Marlene Heels | Kate Spade

My husband recently gifted me a pair of fun heels that I’d been eyeing for a while and, let me tell you, it was the BEST gift. Unless I know I’ll be wearing a shoe every day, it can be a little hard to justify a fun heel purchase, which is why it was so amazing to get a pair of fun heels as a gift!

These Kate Spade heels are all a girl wants: a heel that’s still comfy (it’s only 3.35 inches high) with a dash of sparkle on the buckle! Besides the red color, this fun heel also comes in a leopard pattern and in black. A perfect gift that can be used for a dinner date later in the day!

Valentine’s Day Presents for the Self-Care Queen

These presents are for the ones that happily cancel a night out in favor of a night in with their skincare and a long, long bath. The following presents have comfort and relaxation threaded into every part of their use and will help anyone unwind after a long day. Feel free to purchase an extra gift for yourself, I won’t tell!

Comfy Slippers | Eddie Bauer

Buying a new pair of slippers can feel frivolous, especially when we still have an old pair. Sometimes, the best Valentine’s Day gifts are those things that people wouldn’t necessarily buy for themselves.

These slippers come with Australian sheepskin and are also naturally moisture-wicking and temperature-regulating. With these luxuries, no one would want to take off these slippers, ever. Plus, it comes in a beautiful dusty lilac color (plus a few other colors)!

Waffle-texture Bathrobe | H&M

If you’re gonna get someone slippers for Valentine’s Day… then you might as well get them a robe to go with them!

I love this robe because of the waffle texture and because it comes with two pockets! And if they’re not a fan of purple, don’t worry, it comes in a few more colors.

Shower Steamer Tablets | Amazon

To continue with the self-care theme, these lavender shower steamers have been the BEST addition to my everyday shower. If you’re helping your SO relax more often after a hard day, 1) help with the chores and 2) get them these shower steamers to make their shower winddown that much more relaxing and luxurious.

My favorite scent is the lavender shower steamers, but they come in all kinds of scents: eucalyptus, citrus, and even various floral scents like rose, jasmine, gardenia, and more! Pick their favorite scent to help them wind down.

Don’t let Valentine’s Day sneak up on you! Whether you’re spending it by yourself or with others, take time to do the things you enjoy and celebrate the people that you love.

And, if you’re a chocolate lover, the best day is just around the corner: chocolate discount day, whooo!

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