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Look, everyone has been talking about how slow the mail has been. USPS has been receiving a lot of attention because that’s how a majority of people send and receive mail, plus the fact that it seems to be dealing with a lot of attacks from a variety of places – including the person in charge?!?

So that’s where today’s post comes in: what kind of holiday gifts from USPS online store could you buy for friends and family members, all while supporting our national mail service?

1. Tyrannosaurus Rex 3-D Puzzle Notecard Set

As a BIG Jurassic Park fan, I love anything dinosaur-related. As soon as my eyes landed on this, I wanted it. If I don’t get it during the holidays, I might just have to treat myself. Anyway, the set comes with a notecard, four dinosaur stamps, and a puzzle that assembles into a 3D, cool, slightly scary, but very impressive Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Price: $16.95 (as of 11/02/2020)
Buy it here.

2. Natural Mailbag Tote

Natural Mailbag Tote - USPS Holiday Gifts | Sincerely Yasmin

Price: $54.95 (as of 11/02/2020)
Buy it here.

I love my “fashion” purses so much but it’s so hard to beat the functionality of a tote. This tote is pretty special because it’s made from retired mailbags! Which is the absolute best thing to hear because not only are you supporting USPS but you are also being sustainable?!? Wow, look at you. What a multi-tasker! Bravo!

Ah, yes, back to the bag. Anyway, this tote is nylon and each bag is special because the pattern pieces for the tote are cut from different mailbags, which results in unique designs for each bag.

3. The Art of Magic Kit

Looks like USPS jumped on the collab train! For this kit, USPS partnered with magician Mac King. It includes a set of five stamps, a card deck, and a magician’s guide with instructions and links to videos (yay, bringing in those modern technologies)!

This could be a great holiday gift for someone interested in learning something new during this pandemic time.

Price: $34.95 (as of 11/02/2020)
Buy it here.

4. Stamp Coil Dispenser

I first saw this type of product on Sugar Paper’s website, and theirs is… wow. Just so pretty and fitting with their aesthetic, but it’s also a bit pricey at $62 for this 2 inch by 2 inch object.

In steps this classic, detailed, stamp holder from USPS. It’s got gorgeous floral details and holds up to 100 coiled stamps. The big bonus here is that your purchase supports USPS while also helping your desk look absolutely stunning!

This could be perfect holiday gifts from USPS for those who finally landed that job they’ve been wanting!

Price: $14.99 (as of 11/02/2020)
Buy it here.

5. Dragons Pop-up Book

Watch out, here be dragons! This appears to be a wordless picture book which means you can create your own story as you flip through the pictures. The picture book comes with a set of the four dragon stamps. The book and stamps are done by Don Clark, check out more of their work here.

This could serve as great holiday gifts for the little ones in your extended family, or perhaps for someone obsessed with dragons!

Price: $39.95 (as of 11/02/2020)
Buy it here.

Honorable Mentions

U.S. Mail Carrier Toddler / Kids Costume
This is technically still for a holiday, just not the winter holidays…
Either way, you’ll never worry about a costume again!
Price: $24.95 (as of 11/02/2020)
Buy it here.

Earth Day Coasters
The perfect gift for the tree huggers in your life. Set of four coasters.
Price: $24.99 (as of 11/02/2020)
Buy it here.

P.S. Other delivery services have mentioned that they are also under stress due to the increase of online ordering during COVID. Everyone is suggesting that people start their holiday shopping early in order to get things delivered on time, so be sure to get your presents early!

Have you started holiday gift shopping yet? Are you the person that shops year-round or do you start shopping right before the holidays?


This blog post provides product recommendations from
USPS for Gifts for the Holiday Season.

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