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Social Justice Resources for Families and Kids

Talking to kids about race, history, activism, and other topics can be difficult, but take heart in that you are not alone in this journey. There’s plenty of educators and parents that have had to carry out these conversations and have found books and other social justice resources to help them.

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Here’s a few sites that highlight diversity, social justice, activism, and more.

Social Justice Books

A few highlights from the booklist:
Activism | Black History | Civil Rights Teaching | Hair

This website has more than 60 lists of multicultural and social justice books. Depending on the topic of the list and what materials are available, the list will use some or all of the following categories:

  • Early Childhood
  • Elementary School
  • Middle School
  • High School / Adult
  • Educators
  • Organization & Articles

This website is a great social justice resource since it has books for all ages in one spot! You can get book ideas for little ones, teenagers, or adults.

Multicultural Children’s Book Day

A few highlights from the website:
Diverse World Book List | Activism Classroom Kit

This website is all about increasing diversity in books and reading. They have reading resources and highlight new and upcoming diverse books.

Though this website itself does not have tons of social justice resources, it does provide links to other book websites that talk about and cover diverse reads. However, every year, they do a great job in collaborating with authors, illustrators, bloggers, book reviewers, and more to talk about new diverse reads during Multicultural Children’s Book Day (last Friday of January).

Talking About Race

A few highlights from the website:
Community Building | Bias | For Parents | For Educators

This website was developed by the National Museum of African American History & Culture, and it does a great job in providing material for so many different topics.

My favorite part is that they provide an audience choice, so you can pick if you are a parent, educator, or someone committed to equity so then the content is tailored a bit more to situations that might come up for that audience. There’s also the choice to explore topics, if you would prefer that.

Resources from Lee & Low Books

A few highlights from the website:
Social Justice Resources | The Diversity Gap Report | Reading Lists

This website showcases resources from Lee & Low, a family-run, minority-owned, independent company in the publishing industry. They are known for their “The Diversity Gap” report that breaks down what characters in picture books look like.

They provide so many resources, from themed book lists to webinars to scholarly papers about the diversity of the publishing industry. Lee & Low is a company heavily focused on diversity so they provide quite a few resources for classrooms and libraries.

There’s so many sites out there that want to help with social justice in classrooms and libraries. These are just a few of them! Let me know if you come across any new social justice resources online.

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Social Justice Resources for Families.

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