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I think we’ve all come to accept that we will be wearing masks for a while longer. Like, a lot longer than what we were told at the beginning of March. I don’t know about you guys but I’m definitely getting tired of black masks or the blue/white medical masks. Sure, they’re easier to breathe in…but what’s the point if it’s not pretty?! or if it doesn’t match my outfit?! or if it doesn’t let everyone know about my love of books?! So here’s a list of book-themed masks to keep your bookworm heart happy ♥

Simple Designs

These first three boo-themed masks are casual designs that really underscore how much you love books, just in case those around you didn’t know. From a repetitive black and white design to a floral book design, these masks will work with all kinds of outfits.

Bookaholic Dreams

by GrandeDuc

Buy it here!

Books Mask

by LaPetiteBelette

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Watercolor Open Book with Florals Mask

Designed by Harpleydesign

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Quotes on Quotes

I have to admit, some of these quotes are probably a little too fancy to read from far away. But who cares?! These masks are for you!

Paradise Mask

by Stella Bookish Art

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Jane Austen Mask

Jane Austen Mask

by ThinkingInPixel

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Literary Mask

Behind Every Mask

by ThePatcher

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For the children

These masks aren’t necessarily for kids, though you could get them in that size. Rather, these masks are for the people who are constantly advocating for kids and probably have a stack of picture books near them.

Yes, I did sneak in a Harry Potter mask at the end of this section.

Let Kids Read What They Want Mask

by chelseagutowski

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I Still Read Children’s Books Mask

Designed by 14th Floor Apparel

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Read More Books Mask

by Risa Rodil

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An Owl with the Books Mask

by polliadesign

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For my fellow librarians…

Last but not least, a mask for all of my fellow librarians.

Librarian – The original search engine Mask

by kchappyshop

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Masks seem to be here to stay, so why not get a few that speak to your personality or to match your outfits? Check out the full list of masks here on RedBubble!

Have you been sticking to the medical masks / plain black masks or have you incorporated some fun ones into your stash?
Let me know in the comments below!

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