Quarantine Photography

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For Christmas 2019, my husband gifted me a camera… and since then, I’ve been having a lot of fun taking pictures! Since COVID-19 arrived not long after Christmas, I obviously did not have too much time to explore DC and enjoy the camera; however, I decided to do a little bit of quarantine photography at home. Here’s what I’ve been doing!

So now, I’ve been trying my hand at “food photography”. Did I know that was a type of photography before quarantine started? Obviously not! It was only after I started looking into camera settings, photography styles, editing, picture composition, and more that I discovered this exciting section of photography.

Hello Gorgeous wine glass with Aperol Spritz and orange slice.

Obviously, I’m not going for anything super professional. But my husband loves to cook, so I took the opportunity to just have fun with the camera and celebrate the food my husband makes.

Plus, with quarantine, I really began to need mini projects to keep myself busy and occupied, so having photography as a quarantine activity was really great for me.

Here’s a picture from right after I unboxed my camera and that I immediately sent to my sister. Yes, I know the lens cap is on! If you’re interested in the camera, it’s the Sony a6000 and I used it to take the pictures above!

Yasmin Christmas Camera Photography

Again, nothing professional but the pictures have definitely helped me in discovering new camera features, and simply keeping me entertained during this quarantine. Check out more pictures here!

What activities have been keeping you busy during this weird, crazy time?

This blog post was a food post about
my quarantine photography activities.


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