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5 Amazing Picture Books to Read for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is such a fun day to celebrate as a little kid. While many picture books tend to focus on “parental love”, these picture books to read for Valentine’s Day also cover kindness and friendships!

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Don’t forget to check your local public library to see if they have copies of these amazing children’s books for Valentine’s Day!

A Book of Love by Emma Randall | Picture books to read for Valentine's Day

A Book of Love

Author & Illustrator:
Emma Randall

Book Review

The thing that stood out to me the most about this children’s book for Valentine’s Day was the variety of ways that love is shown across the pages. There’s the usual hugs and kisses, but there’s also the mention of helping someone cross the street and buckling up in the car.

There are so many ways that adults show love to kids but kids might not always pick up on those statements. This book helps to be more explicit about how our actions show our love. Because of the variety of topics covered, this is an amazing picture book for Valentine’s Day.

Yasmin reading "A book of love", one of our suggested picture books to read for Valentine's Day | Children's Book for Valentine's Day

Picture books to read for Valentine's Day | Loved to Bits by Teresa Heapy | Picture book for Valentine's Day

Loved to Bits

Author: Teresa Heapy
Illustrator: Katie Cleminson

Book Review

Another great picture book for Valentine’s Day because this book was a tear-jerker!

As the cover shows, the story focuses on a little boy and his teddy bear. We see the little boy play with his teddy bear in different situations, which means we also see the teddy bear get more and more worn down.

Towards the end of the story, the teddy bear needs a repair and the little boy is hesitant to give up his teddy bear. In the end, the little boy agrees that the teddy bear needs some repair and lets his mom repair the teddy bear. If your little one has a similar relationship with any of their stuffed animals, this could be a great children’s book to read together for Valentine’s Day.

Love Is: by Diane Adams | Picture books to read for Valentine's Day

Love is

Author: Diane Adams
Illustrator: Oliver Jeffers

Book Review

Another tearjerker! In this adorable story, the little girl is taking care of a duckling and we get to see the little duckling grow as we move through the pages.

The ending is absolutely adorable but also so heartwarming as we see the little duckling move on and create their own family! A great picture book choice if your little ones are also growing up too fast and you’re looking to cry by the end of the story. Maybe have some tissues ready…

Love from the Crayons by Drew Daywalt | Picture books for Valentine's Day

Love from the Crayons

Author: Drew Daywalt
Illustrator: Oliver Jeffers

Book Review

Our favorite crayons are back! This time, colors are used to convey the many emotions and feelings we have about love. A perfect picture book for Valentine’s Day! This could be an especially helpful book to read together if your little one needs some guidance in handling their emotions.

One Love by Cedella Marley | Picture books for Valentine's Day

One Love

Author: Cedella Marley
Illustrator: Vanessa Brantley-Newton

Book Review

Based on the song by Bob Marley, this picture book has a variety of characters interacting with one another and showing what it means to show love to our friends and people around us. This could be a great picture book to read together as a family, especially if music is a big connector in your family.

Learning and reading about all kinds of love is a great way to expose kids to the different ways we can show love. I hope this list was helpful in finding picture books to read for Valentine’s Day.

Don’t forget to check your local public library to see if they have copies of these amazing picture books! Have fun cuddling together and reading these amazing and beautifully illustrated children’s books.

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