Pacho Nacho // Picture Book Review

Looking for a new picture book to add to your bookshelves? Let’s get into today’s picture book review of Pacho Nacho by Silvia Lopez! It has a hilarious take on long names in the Hispanic community, with the origin story coming from Japan (check the back matter/author’s note for more info).

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Pacho Nacho

Author: Silvia López
Illustrator: Pablo Pino

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Picture Book Review

An absolutely hilarious picture book! A story about two brothers, one with a very long name and one with a super short name. Follow the little brother as he tries to get his parent’s attention, before the older brother falls into the river. The scary incident forces the family and community to reconsider the brother’s long name.


My favorite part of the illustrations are the family members! You can really see the individuality of each family member; the details in their faces, expressions, and clothing is amazing! The two-page spread of the incident (the older brother is about to fall into a river after the branch he climbed breaks off the tree) is textless but really gives a sense of urgency.

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Recommended Ages for this Picture Book


This picture book is a great read-aloud for this age. The repetition of the long name is a great way to get the little one involved in the story. The illustrations are also helpful in deciphering the story.


Highly recommend this picture book for preschoolers. Kids will get a kick out of the story! Every time the little brother tries to tell their parents that the other brother is in trouble, the parent reminds him that he shouldn’t shorten his brother’s name. Kids will have fun repeating the long name throughout the story.

Early Elementary

Kids will have so much fun saying the super long name! A simple story, but with several opportunities to learn a few vocabulary words (fussed, ventured, urgency, plucked, etc.). This book could also be a hilarious ice breaker about having a name that is different from those around you, or how to ask others to say your name correctly, or picking a nickname that feels like you. A handful of Spanish words sprinkled throughout the story.

Late Elementary

A fun read-aloud about names and brothers. See how quickly you can say the long name!

I hope this picture book review helped you figure out if this is a worthy picture book to add to your collection. If you have a public library nearby, I highly recommend looking up this picture book and taking it home to read as a family!

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Pacho Nacho written by Silvia López.

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