The Yasmin Diaries focuses on a variety of lifestyle topics, including travel, books, and general career tips.

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About Yasmin

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Hi, welcome to The Yasmin Diaries media kit!

My name is Yasmin and I love sharing book recommendations, travel locations, and career tips on my blog and social media.

I’m currently based in the Maryland / Washington, D.C. area (but I’m open to travel opportunities).

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Audience Statistics


  • Followers: 135
  • Reach: at least 1,500 accounts (within 30 days)
  • Audience Demographics:
    • Gender: 80% Women // 20% Men
    • Top Age Range: 25-34 // 33.5%

Gender Breakdown

Age Ranges

Current Instagram Feed (posts & reels)


  • Followers: 35
  • Reach: at least 4,000 monthly views


  • Subscribers: 15

Content Creation Portfolio

Most of my content creation is photo-based but I also create short-form videos and long-form videos. Check out some of my content creation below.

Photo Content Creation

For photo content creation, I will usually whip out my Sony a6000 camera. I have both a zoom lens and a prime lens (35mm), as well as a tripod. For more on-the-go photos, I will use my phone camera. I use both the regular camera and the camera pro settings on my phone.

Brand: Body Restore
Instagram Post

Image of package of a lavender shower steamer tablet with the bag behind it.

Brand: Bliss
Instagram Post

Bliss- Marshmallow Whipped Mask

Video Content Creation

Videos are shot using my Samsung A52 phone or my Sony a6000 camera. I have a zoom lens and a prime lens for my Sony a6000.

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