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After all this moving, I’ve definitely been looking forward to decorating our apartment. Granted, I do have to face the reality of things like budgets and the possibility of future moves, so buying a whole bunch of anything is not in the cards, but I can still share all of my wish list items! Here are some decorative pillows for the home that I’ve been eyeing.

1. Rifle Paper Co. Pillows

I am absolutely infatuated with Rifle Paper Co. designs and their pillows are just beautiful! For their pillow collection, Rifle Paper Co. partnered with Loloi, a Dallas-based company known for home decor. My favorite pillows are definitely the Paris one shown below, as well as an NYC pillow.

2. Pottery Barn Harry Potter Collection

So, this collection is technically a teen/kid collection but who cares?! Not me! As if Harry Potter was just a children’s book.

Although I would totally buy all of the pieces, unfortunately, I don’t have the necessary ten or so bedrooms in which to use these pieces. So I will settle for either the 9 3/4 pillow or the Expecto Patronum pillow. One has an iconic logo style while the other is much more of a fancy type with lots of bright details. Or maybe just go for the all-too-magical glow-in-the-dark Marauder’s Map pillow.

Expecto Patronum pillow from the Harry Potter Collection by Pottery Barn
Expecto Patronum pillow from the Harry Potter Collection by Pottery Barn

3. Society6 Pillows

I feel like I’ve seen these pillows on social media a lot but maybe I’m just imagining it?

Society6 has some very interesting designs because, hello, they host so many artists from so many places with so many visions! It’s heavenly to browse. I definitely think I lean towards the geometric with a dramatic color scheme, as well as the occasional pink and gold paint strokes. Honestly, anything with a hint of gold calls my name so I also have to have this gorgeous gold and blue marbled pillow.

4. RedBubble Pillows

RedBubble is similar to Society6 in regards to the designs and artists. RedBubble is a platform that allows artists to upload their designs and then customers can come and choose which art they like and on what item they want to have it printed. I have seen overlap in designs from Society6 and RedBubble so it may simply depend on what item you want to be printed and which site you are most familiar with.

As I said, I’m a sucker for gold so this geometric pink and gold pillow is fitting all of my color needs. I felt this post was lacking some floral and this beautiful light blue pillow definitely fulfills that need. I especially love the way the design incorporates birds with the florals. And the symmetry. I absolutely love the symmetry! In keeping with the floral theme, this pillow with a central rose would be a great accent pillow.


I also had to include this gorgeously painted sunset pillow, even though I’m not usually an orange person, because the slow layering of the orange is too beautifully done to simply ignore. 

5. Burke Decor Pillows

This is more of a higher priced home decor site, probably for someone that actually owns a home and can remodel to their hearts wish and not someone living in an apartment like me.

These designs seem calmer and more collected than some of the previous designs. Perhaps because one might have reached that allusive settled adult world that I can only currently dream about. Anyway, I’m not jealous or anything. Or antsy. Or totally questioning all my life decisions while scrolling through some decor site. Not at all.

Moving on to pillows! I found this somewhat colorblocked pillow in various shades of pink with a grey spot thrown in. The pillow below caught my eye due to its (you guessed it) geometric design. The yellow lends the pillow some color amidst all the grey and cremes.

Boho Cushion in Grey & Yellow design by OYOY
Boho Cushion in Grey & Yellow design by OYOY

Bonus: RedBubble “Nah” Pillow


For the days you don’t want to do anything, this is a great decorative pillows for the home, especially to accompany you while scrolling social media and doing a facemask!

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