Top 3 Hiking Pant Options for Petite Women

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My first time shopping for hiking pants basically ended in tears. I couldn’t find anything that fit me well. Not only do I have a curvy body but I’m also on the petite side, so many hiking pants ended up being too long and ill-fitting. I recently went shopping again for petite-friendly hiking pants and it was a much better trip!

If you’ve been looking for some petite-friendly hiking pants (that aren’t leggings), here are some hiking pant options for petite and curvy women!

While I’ve previously worn leggings for hiking adventures, I really wanted to get hiking pants that would last me for all future adventures, including having pockets, maybe some rain-repellant fabric, and better protection should I fall. But, let’s be honest, it was mostly for the pockets, of course!

Trying on Petite-Friendly Hiking Pants

Hiking Pants | Sincerely Yasmin

Since we’re talking about options for petite women, it might be helpful to define what I mean by “petite”. I am exactly five feet tall, and my inseam (crotch to the bottom of the ankle) is about 26 inches. I also have a curvier body, with my body having a very hourglass shape (36-26-42). If you have a similar height or body type then these hiking pants might also work for you!

As I was trying on hiking pants at REI, I quickly realized what elements worked well for my petite and curvy body, and what did not work. Here are the design elements I focused on:

  • high-rise for a better hip and waist fit
  • stretchy ankle hem
  • skinny leg / jogger-style for less fabric

While I was in the store, there were some pants that were labeled “regular” and “short” but that was not the case for all pants. Additionally, not all the pants listed the inseam length, which is far more helpful for figuring out how well the pants will fit than “short” and “regular” labels. I found it helpful to have my phone handy and pull up the technical specs of the hiking pants on the REI website to compare inseam lengths.

Option 1: REI Co-op Trailsmith Jogger Pants

Buy REI Co-op Trailsmith Jogger Pants from REI.

These Trailsmith Jogger Pants were a great petite-friendly fit right off the bat! After the previous shopping experience ended in tears, this was a much better kick-off to this second shopping session. I tried on a size 8 and these joggers were a great fit around the waist and hips, and were the perfect length for my height. The fabric was thick and would definitely take some time to break in.

Features of REI Co-op Trailsmith Jogger Pants

As the name of the pants states, these are jogger-style pants, which means the ankles had a stretchy hem but they also had a zipper on the outside. This combination of stretchy hem and zippers means the pants will go great with a variety of hiking boot cuts. These jogger pants also have a variety of pockets (with one zippered pocket), wide belt loops, and a drawstring waistband.

Buy it from REI.

Option 2: REI Co-op Trailsmith Pants

These REI Co-op Trailsmith Pants are very similar to the jogger pants described above. The key difference is that these hiking pants fit more like regular pants or jeans, NOT jogger-style. So how does this translate into fit for a petite and curvy body?

These Trailsmith Pants are thicker in fabric, much thicker. If you want flexibility in your hiking pants early on, these are probably not the pants for you. Not only did I have to size up (size 10) due to the lack of stretch, the waist only came up about mid-rise for me. Additionally, the inseam was much longer for my petite frame. You can actually see in the picture above that I had to fold the hem of the pants in order for them to fit me. Overall, the fit was not compatible with my petite and curvy frame.

Features of the REI Co-op Trailsmith Pants

These hiking pants have a mid-rise waist with no stretch in the waistband. The pant fabric is thick with no stretch. There are a variety of pockets, with one zippered pocket. The knee area is reinforced, from about mid-thigh to about mid-calf. Since the reinforced knee area is quite long, if you like everything else about the pant, then you can simply hem the pants to fit your height!

Get the REI Co-op Trailsmith Pants.

Option 3: REI Co-op Sahara Guide Convertible Pants

Buy them here!

The color of these hiking pants caught my eye immediately and I’m so glad I grabbed them to try on. There were so many features in these hiking pants and the fabric was exactly what I was looking for. In the end, the price point of these pants was close to the first pair of hiking pants I tried on but, with these, I felt like I was getting two bottoms for the price of one!

Features of the REI Co-op Sahara Guide Convertible Pants

The high-rise was great for me since I have a smaller waist compared to my hips. It’s a little hard to see but, on top of having the usual zipper/button to close up the hiking pants, there’s a drawstring inside the waist of the hiking pants to tighten the pants further. Between the button, drawstring, and the stretchy waistband on the back half of the pants, these hiking pants felt like the best fit. The fabric was also listed as being water-repellent and quick-drying. Additionally, the pants are convertible. So you can go from pants to shorts and back to pants again! The inseam of these hiking pants is listed as 29 inches.

These pants were sized differently than the above two. While the other two had sizes listed in numbers, these hiking pants had letter sizing. If you have a similar body type to mine, I tried on a size small.

Buy the REI Co-op Sahara Guide Convertible Pants here!

Other Petite-Friendly Hiking Pants

Before we get to the winner of this shopping trip, here are some additional hiking pants that I tried on. While these options were quickly nixed from the shortlist, I wanted to share them because they were petite-friendly (though not necessarily strong options for a curvy petite body).

Picture of Patagonia Happy Hike Studios hiking pants on a hanger
Picture of Patagonia Happy Hike Studio Pants tag

Although I was purposely staying away from leggings, I came across these in the middle of my search and decided to try them on.

These are the Patagonia Happy Hike Studio Pants and they were a tighter fit than I would have liked. They also were only low to mid-rise on me and that definitely would not have worked for me during hikes.

Picture of The North Face Never Stop Wearing Cargo Pants | Sincerely Yasmin
Three petite-friendly hiking pants on hangers

The North Face Never Stop Wearing Cargo Pants were another option I tried but, while they were an okay fit, the rise wasn’t as high as some of the other hiking pants I had tried on. These hiking pants also did not have the variety of pockets that I wanted.

On the website, these hiking pants are also listed as casual pants for relaxing after a hike, not active-hiking pants.

And the winner is…

The petite-friendly hiking pants I bought were the REI Co-op Sahara Guide Convertible Pants!

Get them here!

REI Co-op Sahara Guide Convertible Pants - Women's

These REI Co-op Sahara Guide Convertible Pants were the winner for a few reasons:

  • the variety of pockets (long front pockets, back pockets, zippered pocket on left leg)
  • convertible options (ankle-length hiking pants to mid-thigh shorts)
  • cinched ankles (keeps pants from falling or shifting, great for pulling over hiking boots)
  • not just one but three waist fit design elements (zipper/button, drawstring, stretchy waistband)

The big thing that pushed this hiking pant over the others was definitely the convertible option. There was another hiking pant that I really liked and felt was just as good as this one (option 1) but, since they had similar price points, I chose to go with the Sahara Guide Convertible Pants because I was getting two pants for the price of one.

Get them here

As much as I love shopping, sometimes it’s really hard to find the specific item you are looking for, especially if you’re looking to invest in an item that will last you a while. While my first shopping trip for hiking pants brought me to tears, this second shopping trip was a huge victory and I was so happy to walk out with the perfect hiking pants!

If you’re also looking for petite-friendly hiking pants, I hope this post was helpful in getting your search started. Remember to keep in mind that stores might have limited sizing in-store (this was the case for me), so some online shopping with at-home try-ons might be necessary to get the right hiking pants for you. Good luck in your search!

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