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17+ Trendy Hair Clips & Hair Accessories

Sometimes the stars align and you have plenty of time to get your hair looking amazing. Other days, you’re barely waking up on time and getting an outfit together! Hair clips & hair accessories for work are here to save your morning (and the rest of your day).

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For those rushed days, nothing helps your hair (and the rest of your outfit) look put-together like using some great hair accessories! Below, you’ll find hair clips & hair accessories for work in a variety of styles: trendy, classic, minimal, and more.

With my new position, I’ve been constantly wearing my hair up because my office space is constantly warmer than the rest of the space. This has rekindled my love for hair accessories and now I’m sharing them with you!

Trendy Hair Clips for Work

If you’ve scrolled through social media posts, you’ve probably noticed the popular hair clip trend and a growing overall love for hair accessories! Trends for hair accessories come and go but, if you like something, then I say keep on wearing what you like! Whether you’re trying to stay on trend or simply expanding your current collection, below are some fun hair clips to wear to work.

Rectangle Hair Clip Trends

Thanks to fashion trends, lots of early 2000s fashion trends are having comebacks. Right now, the trendy items are these rectangular hair clips, as well as claw clips. Neutral colors are obviously the default choice for many, since it’s a safe color option. However, patterned hair clips, like the tortoiseshell hair clips below, are a classic pattern and choice.

While neutral colors are probably anyone’s go-to colors, don’t be afraid to go colorful! If your outfits already tend to incorporate color, getting hair clips that match or pair well with your outfit shows the choice was more intentional, even if the hair clip itself looks more casual.

Metal Hair Clip Trends

Another fun trend are these gorgeous shiny metal hair clips! As someone that has dark hair, these are my favorite because they easily pop against my hair, compared to the matte rectangular hair clips from the previous section.

Pearl Hair Clips & Hair Accessories for Work

I have always been a pearl kind of girl and I love that they’re having a moment. I mean, did you see Ariana Grande’s engagement ring?! It had a pearl and diamond! White pearls seem to always be in style and seem to be considered a classic.

Pearl Hair Clip Trends

Below are a few different hair clip designs featuring white pearls. I have such an affinity for anything with pearls, especially black pearls or Tahitian pearls. My engagement ring has a Tahitian pearl surrounded by diamonds and I’m always seeking out pearl jewelry and accessories to match my engagement ring. While some of these hair clips have the classic white pearl instead of a black pearl, they’re still such a fantastic style choice.

The buttons with asterisks* have multiple shopping options, so be sure to check them out to see if there is a style that suits your aesthetic!

Even More Hair Clips & Hair Accessories

These are even more amazing hair accessories for work that aren’t necessarily super trendy but are still a classic design!

Ribbons & Bows as Hair Accessories

Ribbons and bows are another classic design, like pearls. Below are just a few of my favorite designs that incorporate the bow design!

Floral Hair Clips & Hair Accessories

Don’t forget to add some flower power to your outfits! Floral accessories might not be everyone’s style but there are certainly some cute accessories out there. Below are a few of my favorites. There’s even two that combine flowers and pearls in their designs!

Depending on your style, these are amazing floral hair clips to have at the ready for those late mornings when you don’t have time to style your hair.


Hair clips & hair accessories can be a great way to accessorize your outfit while also being super functional!

Personally, I have a super warm office space so I’ve been relying on hair clips and accessories to stay cool and keep all of my hair out of the way!

Whether you love using hair accessories or need hair accessories to help you out during those late mornings, I hope these hair clips & hair accessories for work helped you find products that fit in perfectly with your style and aesthetic!

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