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There is one basic thing to know about me: I LOVE fries and potatoes, in any and all forms. Hands down, my favorite form is fries! Steak fries, waffle fries, skinny fries. Oooh, don’t even get me started on POUTINE. So freakin’ good! So, of course, I had to have a little mini photoshoot when my husband made me some surprise fries.

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The biggest game-changer for the fries has been using kosher salt, which has a bigger flake than regular table salt. As a non-cooking person, I definitely didn’t know there were different kinds of salt?!? And don’t remind me about the one time I grabbed the wrong salt at the grocery store. Because it ended up being an absolute nightmare when cooking.

I’ve recently began getting more specialized seasonings from the Spice & Tea Exchange, which has been super fun for my taste buds! Some of my favorites include the Pirate’s Bite, the Lemon-Garlic Pepper Seasoning, and the Tuscany Spice Blend. And that’s not even delving into their teas!

Bonus Fries Picture

About a year ago, my husband recreated a well-known fast food restaurant that included some amazing waffle fries! The fries themselves came from the freezer section but they were seasoned so well and the accompanying sauces were absolute perfection! Enjoy.

Recreated Chick-fil-a deluxe sandwich with fries and sauces.

Have you been indulging in your favorite foods lately? Have you tried any new cuisines?

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