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Looking for a new picture book to add to your bookshelf? Then you need to check out this reimagined Little Red Riding Hood story rewritten with Hispanic/Latin cultural elements! Let’s get into today’s picture book review of “Federico and the Wolf”.

Picture Book Review

Federico and the Wolf - Picture Book Review | Sincerely Yasmin

Author: Rebecca J. Gomez | Illustrator: Elisa Chavarri

Picture Book Summary & Review

Little Red Riding Hood rewritten with Hispanic/Latin cultural elements. I loved seeing the characters have darker skin tones, and even the little boy’s haircut reminded me of some of the haircuts from soccer players! The use of chilli powder and a habanero pepper was my absolute favorite part of the whole book.

→ Any Book extras?

The book has a recipe for “Pico de Gallo” at the end. The recipe has colorful illustrations of some of the ingredients. There is also a page with translations and a pronunciation guide for the Spanish words featured in the book.

About the Illustrations

The pictures were so bright and colorful! It was such a lovely reflection of the vibrant foods we eat. There was plenty of white space so it’s not too overwhelming.

Recommended Ages for this Picture Book

Picture books are so helpful at any age. These are a few notes on how this picture book can help with different ages.


short text, colorful illustrations to keep attention, fun facial expressions, interesting character illustrations


colorful illustrations, great text length to practice sitting still for an extended time, illustrations provide helpful context clues for text, pronunciation guide in the back allows for a simple introduction to a new language

Early Elementary

colorful illustrations allow for a great picture walk to see what the story is about before reading text, length of text is great for a one-time read for shorter attention spans, introduction to a new language

Late Elementary

fun story with colorful illustrations, retelling of a classic story (Little Red Riding Hood), fun recipe activity, simple introduction to a new language


This was a picture book review of
“Federico and the Wolf” by Rebecca J. Gomez.

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