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We all love visiting Target and overspending there, but it’s because they have the best stuff, especially for seasonal décor! I recently stopped by to grab some essentials (like actual essentials, like paper towels), and I just had to stop by the candle section. Of course, I ended up grabbing some Target candles for the upcoming fall season.

I’m not a big fan of the pumpkin smells or the spicy/cinnamon type smells, so I stay away from those. Instead, I prefer the floral and more woodsy scents so that’s what will be on this list!

P.S. If you want a classic fall scent, stick around for number ten!

1. Snuggly Sweater Candle (link)

This name is 1) cute and 2) accurate. The smell is so comforting and would be perfect to snuggle into a blanket while you’re reading or doing a facemask, preferably in front of a fireplace! You would obviously need a new cozy blanket to go with this candle. Treat yourself.

2. Almond Macaroons Candle (link)

If you’re a food scents person, this was an amazing scent! I was so torn between getting this scent and the coffee candle. Both were absolutely delicious. This one felt a bit more subtle about the scent, and definitely leans more into the feeling of walking into a bakery. Or perhaps an early start to holiday sweets? Either way, it’s a great warm scent that is perfect for the fall season!

3. Oats & Honey Candle (link)

I’m upset because I don’t know how else to describe this candle, but it smells exactly like it’s name, like oats and honey. Also, as its name suggests, the scent is on the sweeter side. It definitely is a more subtle scent compared to some of the other candles.

Okay, I came back after finishing this post, and I realized… if you have warm oats for breakfast, then that’s what this candle feels like! It’s like a warm hug that warms you up during a cold fall morning.

4. Chestnut Macchiato Candle (link)

I don’t know why, but coffee scents are my ABSOLUTE favorite. I die over any coffee scent. Light them up at my funeral. Anyway. The coffee scent is really strong in the sense that it quickly spreads, but the scent itself is very subtle. It smells like you just made coffee…but for several hours (or however long you burn it). This is probably one of my top candle scents. If I can’t find any other scent I like (which is nearly impossible at Target), then I will go with this one. A classic, honestly.

5. Caramel Latte Candle (link)

Another coffee, all-season candle. I can’t get enough of the scent of this candle! Just like the previous candle, it smells like you just made coffee…but for several hours (or however long you burn it). A BIG favorite.

While it’s not really a traditional fall season scent, the coffee and caramel notes really remind me of holiday baking and pies and brown sugar, so I accept it as a top Target fall season candle.

6. Lavender & Chamomile Candle (link)

It’s such a calming scent. I like lighting it before bed to help calm down. This candle and the next one are very similar (hello, they both have lavender) but this one has a much more calming, cozy, wintery feel. Also, something about the chamomile scent just really makes me think “cardigan”, which leads me to think about Taylor Swift’s new album… and honestly? I think this candle and that album go together.

(now I want to make a blog post about candles and album pairings?!)

7. Lavender & Eucalyptus Candle (link)

I literally had this candle and the above candle next to each other on the Target shelf, and I was just going back and forth and back and forth, smelling the candles for like fifteen minutes. I couldn’t decide which one I wanted! It felt like being forced to choose a favorite child… which I immediately did, duh. It wasn’t this one. This time.

I loved this scent and will definitely be back to grab it, but it felt very soft to me and I wanted a scent that was stronger. Plus, the above jar is very pretty because of the purple. But like I said, I will be back for this one to wrap-up the fall season.

8. Jasmine Bouquet Candle (link)

This is fully NOT a fall scent but I am going to ignore that… It is *my* blog post after all, lol!

The scent of Jasmine flowers have always just made me really happy. I love the scent of candle, and even sniffing it at the store, the scent was really strong. AND the scent stays strong as it burns!

9. Sea Salt Vanilla (link)

Again, another NOT fall scent but come on…the beach is always in season. Not really because it can get cold but the *idea* of the beach is always a good idea!

10. Vanilla Pumpkin Candle (link)

FINE, fine. You want a classic fall season candle? You want pumpkin?! Here you go.

I recently got a friend this candle. I knew she liked pumpkin-themed items, so I went through all the pumpkin candles at Target and this was the only one I could stand. It was a much more mellow pumpkin scent. The vanilla notes really toned it down. So, if you’re looking for a pumpkin scent that’s not super strong, then I highly recommend this one.

Phew. That was a lot of candles, and a lot of candle sniffing. While I love lighting candles year-round, I think fall is the best season for candles to really shine.

Do you also go crazy with candles during the fall? Let me know if you check out any of these candles, or if you have other favorite scents!


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